Why Cancer is on the Rise Today 

tumorThe rate of cancer has increased over the years. Cancer constitutes a major challenge to development. It undermines the social and economic advances throughout the world. The modern life is killing children with many young people diagnosed with cancer. From world health organization data, cancer has risen across the globe by thirteen percent over the last twenty years.

Many diets and lifestyle-related hypothesis have been put up to explain the rising occurrence of cancer.

First, skin cancer is on the rise because of the kind of clothes we wear. Swim suit styles are getting skimpier, and this means our clothing choices offer less cover, and thus less protection from dangerous rays. It calls for the need to stay under a shade, use a limo service or self drive. Additionally, we are living longer compared to a year ago. The life expectancy is now high, promoting for higher chances of diseases.


Another contributing factor to skin cancer is the increase of outdoor activities which have gained a lot of popularity. Kayaking activities and stand-up paddle-boarding put more people under the exposure of the scorching sun.


The ozone layer is fading away, and large amounts of ultraviolet rays are now able to reach the earth, causing skin cancer and cataracts. Tanning beds are now more dangerous than ever. They expose the skin to ultra violet lights which are damaging to the skin and have a contributing effect to cancer.


There is also a big relationship between cancer and sugar. Cancer and sugar are best friends. If you want to prevent yourself from the damaging effect of cancer, you need to avoid refines carbs such as white sugar, high fructose, white flour and soft drinks. Sugar feeds tumors and encourages cancer growth.


Another contributing effect to cancer is improper nutrition. Such kind of food inhibits the ability of the liver to detoxify estrogen and remove it from the body. Estrogen, which the body sees the liver must detoxify and poison. If the liver becomes sluggish due to malnutrition or other forms of damage, it allows this hormone to build up at very high levels.

Lastly, cancer is on the rise due to increased stress of different kinds including poor digestion, mental and emotional stress, malnutrition, environmental stress among others. The body finds it hard to adapt and respond to stress due to the nutrition we give it. If we are not digesting the food properly, we lack vital nutrients and expose our bodies to healthy diseases.

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