Ways to Change Your Lifestyle Habits to Prevent Cancer

Female Healthy Happy Lifestyle Pretty Woman YoungMany people widely believe that cancer is hereditary disease and a family gene determines its fate. Reports from the American Cancer Society shows that there is substantial evidence linking individual’s risk of developing cancer to be substantially reduced through observance of health and lifestyle behaviors. Sometimes, cancer can be prevented because a significant percentage of cancer-related deaths are linked to lifestyle choices.

No magic diet can guarantee the cure or prevention of cancer. However, we have assembled healthy behaviors that can go a long way towards improving your health and lowering the risk of cancer infestation. These lifestyle habits equally help on reducing the occurrence of heart diseases, diabetes and stroke. Prevention and awareness have become vital tools in the fight to end cancer. Let us get started;


Maintain a Healthy Weight

Keeping your weight in check is often said than done. However, there are a few simple steps that can help. First, if you find to the overweight, focus on not gaining any more weight. It is an important step that can improve your health. Next work on reducing some points off your body. The number one weight addition is carbs. Cut on your carbs intake especially on late hours towards sleep. Integrate physical activities in your life and take diets rich in fruits and vegetables.


Don’t Smoke

Quitting smoke is among the best things you can do to your life. Quitting smoking may be very hard, but it’s not impossible. It often takes around six tries to stop smoking. You can join a counseling and rehabilitation club to accelerate the process of quitting. If you are a smoker, there are higher chances that your kids will smoke. If you have to smoke, don’t do it in the house or car as your children are likely to suffer from the smoke.


Eat Healthy Diet

balanced dietYour diet should be well balanced to help reduce chances of risk. Consider basing your diet on fruits and vegetables. To avoid obesity, eat light and leaner by choosing foods with fewer calories. If you have to decide to drink, then do so in moderation. The risk of some cancer types including colon, breast, lung, and kidney increases the amount of alcohol you take. Limit the intake of processed meats as eating such can potentially increase the risk level.



Increase your Fiber intake

Fiber is an essential component that aids in lowering the risk of cancer. Plant based foods are rich in fiber and help the human digestive system to clean and push cancer causing elements out of the gut. To add more fiber to your diet, consider replacing white rice with brown rice, eat fruits with their skin and take popcorn. Make foods rich in fiber your top picks.


Protect yourself from Sun

Studies have shown that too much exposure to sun rays can lead to skin cancer including dangerous melanoma. Since skin damage begins early in childhood, it is important to protect the children. Steer clear of excessive sun rays during peak burning hours. Consider wearing a hat, applying tan and wearing tinted sunglasses.

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