Organizations that are Fundraising for Cancer Research

cancer awareness colorsSeveral organizations are working towards innovative treatment and extensive research to spread awareness of cancer and support patients. These charities are also organizing fundraising events and similar activities to obtain financial assistance to undertake their goals. A number of these organizations are found in the United States, although there are several others in various parts of the world. Learn more about these charitable organizations dedicated to research as presented below.

1. American Cancer Society

american cancer societyThis Atlanta, Georgia-based organization operates nationwide to help fight cancer and conduct futher research about this fatal disease. At present, it has over 3,000 offices all over the country, and these support communities who may be battling with cancer. Among the duties performed by the American Cancer Society include providing assistance to patients, giving much-needed moral support to both patients and their families, and conducting research and development around this health issue.

2. Children’s Cancer Research Fund

Another charitable institution committed to helping patients, this organization aims to raise funds for on-going research on the nature and cure of this disease. It aims to help researchers at the University of Minnesota who are continuously trying their best to provide answers in terms of effective treatment for cancer. Mainly, the focus of the research done is on childhood cancer – how to treat and prevent this illness. Various services are provided by this organization including outreach programs and education of the public regarding the disease.

3. National Cancer Institute

The National Cancer Institute aims to address the prevailing issue on cancer among adults and children worldwide. The organization’s Office of Budget and Finance is responsible for managing the donations given by the public to the NCI, in support of its Breast Cancer Research program. As for other donations, these are placed in the Gift Fund by the organization. The Gift Fund is intended for supporting the tasks of the NCI in its continued efforts to spread cancer awareness.

There are several projects that are supported by the money deposited into the Gift Fund. These activities throughout the years include providing financial assistance to patients via the Patient Emergency Fund of the NIH Clinical Center and printing of numerous educational materials discussing cancer. There are also funds for the purchase of laboratory equipment and tools needed for conducting cancer research, as well as the funding of special fellowships essential in training young and new scientists who are involved in research programs. Donation types include research designation, honorary and memorial.

4. Cancer Research Institute

Another organization involved in cancer research, this institute intends to uplift the lives of patients with their research work and clinical experiments. While it may be performing research and further studies on this disease, it has other programs that aim to support patients. For instance, the organization exerts its efforts in discovering immune-based treatments that are effective to various types of this disease. The control and prevention of this ailment are also being studied intensively by this institute.


Having this type of disease is a serious battle that patients go through every single moment of their life. They may experience emotional problems, alongside the physical symptoms they suffer from. Hence, helps alleviate these concerns of patients by providing different types of support to these individuals including their loved ones – without any cost.

6. Cancer Survivor’s Fund

For the fortunate ones who have survived this disease, heading back to their regular lifestyle can be tough. After the financial turmoil they have gone through, it may seem difficult to resume their usual activities. The Cancer Survivor’s Fund is a not-for-profit organization that supports survivors of this disease. Financial help is given to those in need of prosthetic devices or even assistance for college tuition and fees that will give these tough survivors a second chance.

7. Bay Area Cancer Connections

Geared towards research work on ovarian and breast cancer, this charitable organization provides personalized assistance to those in need. Patients are given credible information on the disease, how to deal with cancer and other ways to support the quality of their life. The services offered by this organization is completely free of charge.

8. Susan G. Komen for the Cure

This is a renowned organization dedicated to promoting awareness on breast cancer – its causes and treatment. It was founded by Nancy G. Brinker, inspired by her sister’s death who suffered from this type of cancer. Several fundraising activities are held each year to obtain money for research and patient assistance programs. Some of their projects include Marathon for the Cure and Wak for the Cure.

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