Cancer Centers

Cancer woman having supportThe National Cancer Institute or NCI supports several cancer centers in the United States. These are institutions that focus on conducting research on this disease. Read along to learn more about what these centers are and where they are located.

Designations for Cancer Centers

There are three different designations recognized by the National Cancer Institute. Once a center is NCI-designated, it moves to the upper 4 percent of all the different centers in the country. In fact, there are about 1500 centers in the U.S, as of 2015.

The following are details on each designation:

1. Comprehensive Cancer Center

In 2015, there were 45 of this type of cancer center in the country. In terms of the standards applied in the center, a high level of expertise in clinical, laboratory, population-based and behavioral research must be presented. Moreover, these centers are tasked to conduct research on the initial phase of the disease. These should also initiate the task of recruiting cancer patients for the purpose of performing trials and tests. The NCI has several cooperative groups that perform research, and this type of cancer center should be able to provide innovative clinical experiments and studies.

It is also one of the tasks of the center to plan and develop education of the public with regard to this disease. Outreach programs are also conducted, and the center circulates valid information to the professionals on the different innovations in healthcare and treatment.

2. Basic Laboratory

There are currently 7 NCI-designated basic laboratory cancer centers in the country. Among the three designations, this type of center is the most limited. It focuses solely on performing laboratory research on the disease without offering treatment to patients.

3. Cancer Centers

With a total of 17 centers in the nation, the main goal of this institution is to offer research that is done along with other areas of study. The type of research done involves population sciences, clinical-based and basic research. Although there are centers under this designation that offer patient treatment, there are some that only provide laboratory research.

Cancer Centers in the U.S

There are several facilities in the country that are dedicated to providing intensive research, as well as patient services. These centers are located in California, Georgia, Kentucky, Maine, Kansas, New York, Texas, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Hawaii, to name a few. Below are the different centers that only conduct laboratory research.

– Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Insitute, CA

– Salk Institute for Biological Studies, CA

– Purdue Cancer Center, IN

– Jackson Laboratory (ME, CT)

– Wistar Institute, PA

– MIT Center for Cancer Research, MA

– Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

As for institutions that combine patient services and research, some of these include the centers in the University of Kansas, Indiana University, Emory University, University of California-Davis, University of Hawaii, University of Nebraska, University of Kentucky, University of Maryland, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Oregon Health and Science University, Mount Sinai Health System, New York University, University of Texas and Virginia Commonwealth University. All of these facilities contribute to promoting awareness on this disease through intensive research, combined with providing support to patients battling with this fatal ailment.

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